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Must-know Latin expressions for corporate life

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Business Latin

May 28th, 2016 – The Cultural Association of Enel executives (ACEM), in collaboration with Hebdomada Aenigmatum (the first magazine of Latin crosswords) and with Lvdvs (the first app to have fun with friends in Latin), organized the first Business Latin seminar: Latin expressions that are still commonly used in corporate life.


The seminar took place in the beautiful Villa Lazzaroni in Via di Tor di Quinto in Roma. It will be introduced by a videomessage by Francesco Rutelli (a former mayor of Rome), followed by a presentation by Daniel Gallagher (coordinator of the Vatican latinists and manager of the Pope’s Latin twitter profile).

The seminar will be held by Luca Desiata (an executive at Enel and editor-in-chief of the Hebdomada Aenigmatum magazine), Gianluca Sinibaldi (a corporate manager and creator of the Lvdvs app) and Marica Ascione (a professor of Latin).


The objective of the seminar is to show how the Latin language is still alive in the corporate world: from common expressions like Curriculum Vitae and ad hoc to more sophisticated expressions like pacta sunt servanda or intelligenti pauca, through the popular English acronyms “i.e" and “e.g.” whose Latin origins managers often tend to forget.

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