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The first book of Latin crosswords
100 pages of games and riddles
Available on Amazon
Copertina Hebdomada Aenigmatum - Crucive






"Something fresh and fun 
beyond classical literature"

Hebdomada Aenigmatum is the first book of crosswords and riddles in Latin and Ancient Greek.

It includes 86 crosswords, 18 word search puzzles, 16 rebuses, 4 sudokus in Roman numerals and 50 more riddles.

The book is the result of the success of the Hebdomada Aenigmatum digital magazine. Launched in 2014, it reached over 10,000 subscribers around the world, mainly from Italy, the UK and Northern Europe.

The book is published by the French publishing house Maison du Dictionnaire. It is distributed in Europe through Amazon. 

Curated by Luca Desiata in collaboration with Lydia Ariminensis (Lidia Brighi), Ava Rela (Rela Girolami) and Theodorus, it received the forewords by the vaticanist Giuseppe Sciacca, by professors of classics Simone Beta and Salvatore Monda, by Deb Amlen (editor, "Wordplay", the crossword column of The New York Times), and by actor Lorenzo Lavia, famous for his interpretation of one of the two latinists in the movie "Smetto quando voglio".

Hebdomada Aenigmatum has received extensive coverage on the international press including The Times, The Telegraph, BBC, Le Monde, NBC News, Kleine Zeitung, Pravda, etc.

The success of Hebdomada Aenigmatum proves that Latin is still alive and can be proposed as an ideal tool for international communication to overcome the language barriers that still hamper European integration.

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